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Women’s football is gaining more awareness, bigger crowds and far more exposure for the top female football players.

The record for the highest attendance at a women’s football match is still the 91,648 audience who watched Barcelona play Wolfsburg in the UEFA Women’s Champions League semi-final at the Camp Nou in 2022. However, some other international fixtures have got close to that.


In the UK, the sport received a massive boost during the 2023 Women’s World Cup final. England’s Lionesses represented their country superbly, eventually only missing out to Spain by a narrow margin. However, viewership records were smashed during this event, with the BBC announcing a peak audience of 12 million (more than the men’s Wimbledon final at 11.3 million).


Women’s football is starting to see vital investment of cash at all levels too, ensuring it can be delivered well, whether it is in schools and community clubs, or at an international level.

Why does it matter so much?

Equal opportunities for girls to play football locally involves creating dedicated sessions and teams to match their requirements. That’s in terms of the level of intensity, degree of physical force and speed of play that best suits them.

Here’s an interesting fact. In one Artificial Intelligence study into the different playing styles of men and women, it was discovered that women players do fewer fouls than men. Also, women’s football showed a bias towards short passes rather than long balls.


In the right nurturing and supportive environment, girl’s football can ensure they get the right coaching, and equal access to the fun, friendship and fitness than football provides.

The Many Benefits Of Football For Girls

Local provision for girls’ football on the rise

Having a chance to develop football skills at their own pace – and having the confidence that comes from playing against other girls and women – is clearly important. Which is why Foxes FC has been at the forefront of girl’s football activities locally for some years.

As a premier children’s football club in the London area, Foxes FC has recruited a Women’s Football Development Officer. They are responsible for exciting plans to support our fast-growing Foxes FC Girls Academy.

Foxes FC also works with other clubs in the area who are also investing in their women’s team, to help increase the profile and opportunities for all women football players.

As commitment and funding grow, so will the already considerable respect for women’s football in Britain. It’s an exciting time for the sport, and we invite girls who want to get involved in women’s football to get in touch.

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