Foxes FC believes cost shouldn’t stop children from taking part in football and enjoying its many benefits. Offering Financial Assistance to those who need it ensures every child has the opportunity to experience the joy of football and the life lessons it teaches.

Our football programmes are inclusive – that includes providing accessible sessions to children with disabilities, as well as running both integrated and girls-only football programmes. 

That inclusivity includes a commitment to making sure that cost is not a barrier to benefiting from our football programmes.

Foundation Far More Than Just A Game

Everyone Involved

Whether you or your child could benefit from financial support or you or your business could offer your support in building and growing the financial support on offer, we’d love for you to get in touch.

There’s no judgement as we strive to create a world in which children aren’t turned away from world class football training based on an inability to pay.

Everyone Benefits

Everyone benefits when barriers to high quality football training, are removed.

We’re bringing children of all backgrounds together to form the strongest teams, cultivating the greatest playing environment and supported by high quality football coaching.

Taking Foxes FC teams to bigger and more exciting fixtures, year on year!

Foundation One Mission
Foundation Get Involved

Get Involved

Do you also believe that all children deserve a chance to enjoy high quality football coaching regardless of their ability to pay?

Your contribution will help make sport available to economically disadvantaged children, with all the benefits that brings.

Become a Team Player
We’re not just looking for sponsorship. We also need expertise!

There are various ways to get involved in fundraising, event planning, marketing, and lots more!
Please get in touch to discuss how you can help future generations to enjoy – and develop through – football activities in their community.

Become An Advocate – Spread The Word
If nothing else, please let others know about Foxes FC’s financial assistance programme, and its mission and activities.

Let’s build a full and active team, to create opportunities for many more children to benefit from high quality football programming in our community.

Please fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch for a friendly chat about your support for the Foxes FC Foundation.