Foxes FC is firmly committed to making sport – especially football – as inclusive as possible. Including opening up opportunities for children with disabilities to join in, even when being part of regular teams is not a possibility.

Whenever it is practical, children of differing abilities are fully integrated and included in our fun, friendly football sessions.

However, we don’t stop there. Foxes FC has also begun to create a series of customised football sessions for children living with more challenging disabilities. All under the care of empathetic and highly-responsible professional football coaches.

The aim of these football sessions is to ‘level the playing field’, and give all children and young people access to football fun and matches. This will not only help them stay fit and active but will also build self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as new friendships.

Participants can also learn new skills – including improving their problem-solving and communication abilities on the football field!

Integrated Football Coaching


Our existing weekly football Development programmes for children are ideal for young players with various special needs.

Inclusivity and a nurturing ethos are ‘standard practice’ for these Foxes FC football sessions.

Some of the players with disabilities can go on to play in friendly matches, and in local FA pan-disability leagues against pro club’s disability football teams.


We are developing this equal opportunity programme for ALL children who want to play sports all the time.

So, Foxes FC and The Little Foxes Club are exploring the best equipment and surfaces to make sport more accessible and safe, and our coaches are investing in specialist training in such areas as visual signalling and sports coaching for blind players.

Our initial sessions of accessible football are aimed at children aged seven to 14, with various disabilities, including mobility and sensory challenges.

However, this is a continuously updating programme of accessible local sports activities. So, the best thing to do is contact us. We can outline what we currently offer in your area, that may be suitable for your child.

Local Accessibility Sports Activities
School Sport More Accessible


If you are a school looking for ways to include children with special educational needs & disabilities in school sports provision?

Please get in touch as we would be delighted to partner with you to provide customised, inclusive and deeply fulfilling sports activities for your special needs students.