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If you’re looking for a change of career, and want to get involved with something that could really make a difference to individuals and the community, a sports franchise could be right up your street. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is a franchise in sport?

If you’re not familiar with franchising, the first key question you might have is what is a franchise in sport?

Essentially, a franchise in sport involves setting up your own business but taking on board the branding, name and ethos of an already established company involved in the sports sector. There are lots of different sports franchise opportunities for you to consider, so look at all of the various options before making any big decisions.

What’s involved?

When you buy a sports franchise, you will get access to trained professionals who will provide you with all of the information you need to know to get the franchise business up and running.

This is the beauty of getting involved in a sports franchise, as it’s not like you have to do all of the hard work of building a brand up from scratch. Because you’re buying into an already established sports business, you can jump straight into running the show without having to carve a name for yourself. Quite often, you also have a behind-the-scenes team who can handle some of the admin work, such as phone calls and email queries, enabling you to get on with doing more of the hands-on sporting activities. Plus, while you may be responsible for managing the marketing activities yourself, you should still have access to the marketing systems and materials used as a brand, giving you a handy head start.

Sports Franchise

Less risk with a sports franchise

Many new businesses fail within the first year of operation, so setting up a new sports brand from scratch comes with lots of risks. The benefit of buying into a sports franchise that already has a proven track record and business model is that your risk of business failure is much lower. This makes it an ideal opportunity for someone who doesn’t want to take the high risk associated with a brand new start-up.

Lucrative rewards

What also makes sports franchise opportunities so appealing is the fact that often the investment you need to make to become a franchisee is much less than if you were starting a brand new business. This makes it a great choice for those who may have limited funds, but still like the idea of running a business, and all the opportunities it may bring.

Some of the best sports franchise opportunities can also be quite lucrative, especially if you get involved with a business that has already made a reputable name for itself.

Sport Franchise Opportunity

Ongoing support

If you’re looking for a career opportunity that gives you responsibilities and allows you to be in charge, but also has ongoing support on hand from experts within the franchise group, should you need any advice, then this is where a sports franchise lets you enjoy the best of both worlds.

While support is available if you need it, bear in mind that you’ll still need to have a pro-active approach to the business, be motivated and determined, and possess a can-do attitude. You might not necessarily need skills in the particular area of sport, as training can be given, but you should enjoy working with children and adults and have a range of practical, transferable skills.


Many people are attracted to the idea of operating a sports franchise as quite often they are given a degree of flexibility in choosing when they work and for how long. For example, you might have other work commitments during the week but like the idea of getting involved with sports coaching or training at the weekends, which also fits in well with other people’s schedules, such as coaching children.

This flexibility allows you to achieve a harmonious work-life balance, and lets you gradually get used to the franchise experience, so you can increase your commitment to it further down the line if you want to.

If buying into a sports franchise sounds like the ideal opportunity for you, get in touch with our sports franchise UK business, The Little Foxes Club, for all the details you need to know.