Feedback, complaints and commitment to continuous improvemen

Our relationships with parents and children – and the organisations who commission our activities – are vitally important to the whole team at The Little Foxes Club. We also highly value our staff and coaches’ dedication and loyalty.

The ethos of the Club is safety, quality and inclusivity, and we take those responsibilities extremely seriously.

For this reason, The Little Foxes Club is always happy to receive feedback as part of our continuous development and improvement.

We politely request that you address all issues by contacting us directly and solely. This enables us to respond to both positive and negative information appropriately. We will always endeavour to get back to you quickly when you bring issues, questions or concerns to our attention.

Often, your first point of contact for feedback is the session coach or our customer service team by ringing tel: 020 3837 0333

Though we rarely have any matters that can’t be dealt with in this responsive and informal way, we have a formal complaints process too. This enables our management team to be involved in finding an appropriate solution.

The aims of our complaints procedure

  • The Little Foxes Club strives to make it as easy as possible to lodge a complaint about our services.
  • Please be assured all complaints are dealt with privately, discretely and as quickly as possible.
  • You will be treated politely throughout this process, and we ask for the same in return.
  • If we do find errors, oversights or misjudgements on our part, we will rectify them quickly and robustly.
  • Our senior managers evaluate all complaints regularly as part of our quality control systems.

Please note – if you have concerns about a child’s safety or wellbeing, please refer to our Safeguarding Policy, as this requires a different approach and may need immediate action. Also, matters related to bullying should be addressed via our Anti-Bullying Policy.

Complaints process and timescale

It is important that you bring any formal complaints to our attention promptly – and certainly within 14 days of the session or incident that gave rise to the complaint. If it is left any longer, it becomes more problematic to clarify facts.

Please email or post your complaint to us and clearly indicate the nature of your communication. Include as much detail as possible – especially key dates and locations – and ensure your contact information is clear.

Postal address:

Unit 6 Park Royal Metro Centre
Britannia Way
NW10 7PA

Email address:

  • We will acknowledge that communication within 24 hours. This may be to signify that we are going to do an investigation to gather more information.
  • There will be occasions when we need to contact the author of the complaint for clarification. This will also be done in writing to ensure that there is a dated, written record of this entire process.
  • Our aim will be to gather all relevant information within two days of receiving your complaint. If longer is required, you will be notified, and reasons will be given.

Coaching session complaints

If the complaint involves a coaching session, we will write to you and suggest a way to resolve it. A senior member of our coaching team will attend the next session to carry out any actions required and speak to you personally if you prefer.

Should this prove insufficient action to settle your complaint, it will be escalated to the customer service manager. Please be assured that all such matters are also discussed with the senior managers.

Booking/admin/payment complaints

If the complaint involves an operational issue – or something which our customer service team were involved with – the matter will be handled by the customer services manager. If you prefer, it can be immediately escalated to one of our senior managers.

Complaints about an individual person

This is clearly a more complex issue to deal with, and much depends on the nature of the complaint, including whether it is a member of staff or another parent involved.

To work to resolve such matters, we may suggest a meeting between the complainant and the other individual to find a mutually acceptable solution. A third party would mediate polite discussion about the issue.

Please be aware that we will not respond to complaints about individuals if those complaints are abusive, personally insulting or not supported by dates, locations and relevant information.

Staff/coach internal complaints

Please address your issue to your Line Manager or the HR manager, and we will deal with this complaint as quickly and decisively as possible.

If you are not happy with our response

If, after going through our complaints process, you feel the issue was not dealt with entirely or appropriately, then you have the right to take your complaint to the governing bodies we answer to.

These organisations will request to see your communications with us. This will be to evidence that we have been given sufficient time and opportunity to deal with the complaint directly.

Who you contact will vary according to the nature and location of the issue, and we will always be transparent about which body you need to contact. For example, a local authority or regional FA may be best suited to deal with this matter.

Alternatively, you could contact the complaints departments at:

The Independent Football Ombudsman (IFO)

Premier House
1-5 Argyle Way

Email to:

Other useful contact information

The FA Safeguarding team:
The NSPCC 24-hour helpline: 0808 800 5000