As this game game got closer so too did my excitement! In training over the last three weeks we had been phenomenal and I was incredibly excited to see the boys putting all the ideas we had learnt into practice against a team that holds a special place in my heart.

We arrived at the Skyex Stadium and were greeted by a beautiful, level 4g pitch. With all the boys on time we were able to warm up well, whilst also having time to discuss our game plan again.

The game plan was simple, do not give them time on the ball, move the ball around and allow it to do the work, stay organised and therefore tough to play through and finally to have fun.

The game got underway and within minutes you could see that it was our first game and Yeading’s second, their energy and desire was eclipsing ours and this was evident in the way they attacked all 50/50 opportunities in both the air and on the ground and also how we failed to respond quickly enough to the lose of those 50/50’s.

Sure enough they scored the first goal… Soon after getting the second and continuing to repeat this until the Silvers found themselves 4-0 down at half time!

Many of their goals were long shots and despite nearly all our players having experience in goal at some point, they were not used to the step up in size of goal at U11 level.

The game continued in the same vain in the second half, this saw Yeading score another 5.

Again though, just as he did last week, in the last few moments Gyan found himself in space on the right hand side and wearing the same number as Beckham, produced a well placed, floated shot which looped over their keeper and into the far post, what a beauty!

Whilst we were second best for very long periods, the game did also carry good news for us, other than Gyans goal we were able to welcome Charles and Cameron back into the squad after injury who when on the ball looked a massive threat.

Georges, Sacha and Lucas all made their debuts. All three of them worked their socks off and gave everything to the Silvers and this no matter the result filled me with much pride and optimism for the season ahead.

Jonah and Alex defended well again however without a midfield helping them they did struggle at points, so again I will say, if the midfield doesn’t carry out their defensive duties then you give your defence an impossible job. 

A big shout out to Cash, Ossian and Milo, when on the pitch they ran, ran and ran and when in goal they tried everything, distributing the ball well and being aware of the danger, great work and thank you for stepping up for the team.

Next week at training we shall have to be incredibly focused so we can look to gain a positive result in the next game.

Thank you to all the parents for your support and for travelling all the way to the edge of the world, we will be working very hard to put on a better show next week.

Well done everyone, forget this score line and now focus on what you did well so we can build on it, have a great week.