As the match got underway, we looked prepared for the challenge that was to come.

Although we started on the back foot and the opposition were pushing us into our third of the pitch, we were very well organised defensively, and therefore looking comfortable at the back.

The midfielders were working hard to recover and get behind the ball when the opposition had possession, which provided us with further stability defensively. On the occasions when the opposition did get through our midfield, our defenders did their jobs very well and blocked their path to goal and pushed them away from the danger zones.

We were then faced with a few corners, which we managed very well as a team. Even in the difficult situations, we were very confident. Teo showed his class by saving every strike that was aimed at his goal.

The team work was great to see and we were proving to be a strong unit. With the few offensive chances that we had, we managed to show our class up front. We were quick and our attacks were very dangerous. With the speed that our players have we were very difficult to stop. Our shots and attacks were winning us corners which we tried to convert into goals, but the opposition stood firm and cleared the danger when necessary.

In the 14th minute, the opposition won a corner. We could have dealt with the ball quicker and cleared it, but the opposition reacted better than us and finished the play with a smart goal.

Nevertheless, we continued to defend together as a unit, and the midfielders did their best to work for the team by dropping back, covering, and supporting the defenders.

In the 19th minute, another ball into our box, lead to another goal for the opposition – again, we could have covered the space more efficiently and reacted quicker. We knew our mistakes and we knew we could do better than that and continued to play.

We again showed that we can be very dangerous up front. The midfielders continued to work very hard not just defensively, but offensively and we put their team under pressure. Our attacks were through the middle and through the wings. However, despite our good offensive work leading up to half time, in the 30th minute of the first half, a lack of communication lead to another goal given away and we were down by 3 going into half time.

From the beginning of the second half, we pushed. The midfielders were keeping possession high up the pitch and that created us chances up front. We were very organised. We were looking for spaces and asking for the ball which made us that much more dangerous offensively. We had some good chances on goal but the opposition managed to keep their goal safe with last ditch clearances.

With their first attack in the 6th minute, the opposition crossed the ball from the wing, we tried to clear it, but it inadvertently ended up in the back of our own goal.

We kept fighting and knew that we could do more than that. We then started to keep good possession of the ball in the middle of the pitch, which lead to good through balls to our strikers. The defenders were pushing to the halfway line which denied the space between them and the midfielders. In the 10th minute, the opposition managed to penetrate through the middle and finish the move effectively with a clean finish to take the game to 5-0. Just three minutes later, and the opposition attempted a testing shot from distance, which Teo saved but then an opposition striker reacted well to the rebound to tuck the ball away.

Even after such a result, we stuck together and showed good attitude. We continued our efforts and continued to play well in possession. The whole team started to push further forward and we put the opposition under severe pressure. In the few attacks that they had towards the end of the match, we managed to clear the ball and organise effective counter attacks. The midfielders continued with their great work, helping the defenders and the strikers. In the 23rd minute, our efforts were rewarded. Cody won the ball just past the half way line and made a busting run forward which was followed with a long distance shot, which resulted in an excellent and well deserved goal. In the latter parts of the match, we dominated possession and tried to create more chances. We were looking for more and we were the better team until the end of the game, but there was not enough time for more. Final result 6-1.