Most football teams have highs and lows within any given season. And it’s safe to say that unfortunately this was one of the lows of our season.

Against a formidable opposition, it turned out to be a bad day at the office for us where no matter what we tried, it just wouldn’t come off for us. 

We started the game with desire and were defending well. The only danger for us in the opening part of the game was when the opposition had a shot which Teo saved well. In the 10th minute however, they managed to score the first goal with an attack through the middle. 

Afterwards, we had our chances up front and we showed how dangerous we could be especially through the wings but we couldn’t penetrate effectively enough to create goal-scoring opportunities. 

We had good combinations from the midfielders and we tried to play forward, however we were losing the ball in the danger zone in the middle of the pitch. That lead to long shots by the opposition and gave them options to combine around and inside the box which proved effective for them. The first half therefore finished 5-0. Our defending as a team has to improve and we will be working on that moving forward. 

The second half started and we knew we could do better and we wanted to show that on the field. However, the opposition were proving to be ahead of us on the day and by the 5th minute in the second half, we had conceded another 2 goals.

We gave too much space to the opposition players both on the ball and off the ball and that gave the opposition the opportunity to combine and penetrate. Unfortunately yet understandably, we were starting to lose our spirit and togetherness which made the game even harder for us. Football is a team sport and no matter how tough the situation is, we have to stick together and support each other on and off the pitch. This was a tough lesson, but one which we must learn from. 

To continue battling and playing as a team is the most important quality that a player can give to his teammates. What pleased me at times was that even in that difficult moment, we had players that showed character and played with passion and fair aggression which showed how strong they are. The other lesson that we learned from that game is that the training sessions are very important. And in order to improve, the players have to be ready to give their best on the training pitch. Out of this game, we come out with a lot of lessons to learn and that should be the main focus to everyone involved.