The game started exactly as we had intended – we were organised and applying good pressure on the half way line.

The first 5 minutes were equal as the most of the time the battle was in the middle of the pitch. We tried to combine but the opposition were doing well to block us out. 

Our defenders did very well at the back and didn’t give any chances to the opposition. After the 5th minute however, we started to play our way. Good combination play when on the ball, combined with dangerous attacks. In the 9th minute, we got what we were expecting. We won a corner which Cody delivered beautifully, the ball went right in the danger zone and went to Josh, who with a lovely shot, sent it into the net to give us the lead 1-0. 

With our next attack in the 10th minute, we scored again. Cody got the ball around the halfway line and passed 2 defenders and found Ryan in a good position who got it right with very few touches to double the result 2-0. 

We continued to dominate the game. We were attacking dangerously through the wings and through the middle and our defenders were sweeping everything giving nothing away at all. Our attacks were relentless and in the 21st minute, we scored again. Ryan got the ball in the box looking very confident and struck a great shot to score his second and our third goal of the game. 

In the 22nd minute, with our next attack we scored again. Great attack from the midfield, the ball went to Charles who with a very accurate pass found Westye in a good position who in turn unleashed a fantastic shot to make it 4-0. Our attacks were continuing relentlessly and in the 26th minute Ryan scored his hat-trick with a pure goal-poacher’s finish. Oscar had struck the initial shot, the keeper saved and Ryan was in the right place at the right time to make the result 5-0. 

In the 28th minute, a pass back to the keeper went wrong and the opposition managed to get the best out of it by scoring a goal to make it 5-1. 

On the stroke of half time, once again the opposition had no answer for Ryan. Charles got the ball and found Ryan in a great position to score his fourth of the match 6-1 which is how the first half finished.

The second half started the way the first half finished. In the first minute, Charles found Ryan in a good position and with no hesitation he finished the move cool, calm, and collected. We were in their half combining and looking for spaces. In the 6th minute they caught us on counter attack and managed to score again to make it 7-2. 

In the 6th minute, Charles with a great shot scored his first of the game and in the next attack, Cody got the ball beat 2 defenders and found Westye in a good position, who with a great shot scored his second of the game: 9-2. 

We continued to dominate and our attacks were very dangerous. The midfielders were stopping most of the opposition’s attacks before the halfway line which gave us security at the back. In the 16th minute, Ryan with one of his runs beat 2 defenders and passed it to Jethro who with a great shot, scored his first in the game 10-2. 

We were in complete control of the game. Four minutes later and Westye put his name on the score sheet for the second time, finding himself in a good position inside the box and scoring a great goal to take us to 11-2. In the 22nd minute, Oscar who played very well the whole game, manage to get himself deep in the penalty box and with a great shot scored his goal to make it 12-2. Just 2 minutes later and Josh struck an unstoppable volley which took the score even further.

We played well and we were pushing for more. The defenders were continuing to keep all attacks at a reasonable distance away from goal. In the 29th minute Jethro scored a goal that rarely can be seen. He dribbled passed 2 defenders and from outside the box with a fantastic shot scored in the top of the goal a phenomenal goal 14-2. In the very last minute, Cody the man that worked so hard for the team not just in this game but in the previous games scored his very deserved goal beating the keeper with a great shot around him and completing the score: 15-2 to us. 

Great win and great play from the whole team!