The game started with a high tempo.

We had to defend and we were prepared to do so. The opposition tried to attack through the wings and through the middle but we were very well organised defensively. Our midfielders were recovering and helping the defenders which didn’t leave any space for the opposition.

When we were organising counter attacks we were very dangerous. We were playing quick from midfielders to the strikers and we were catching their defenders out of position who were underprepared for our attacks. The pace of our players up front was too much for the opposition and we managed to create scoring opportunities.

The midfielders supported the strikers when pressing high up the pitch and it lead to winning the ball quickly. The team work was at a very high level. In the few attacks that the opposition managed to create, we stopped them and there were very good individual interventions.

In the 25th minute, they had no answer to us. They tried to clear a ball, Ryan took it and confidently shot into the goal leaving the goalkeeper helpless and we were up 1-0. In the following minutes we were dominating the game. We were very dangerous up front attacking through the wings and through the middle. In the 30th minute, they cleared the ball and sent it deep into our half. The ball bounced to one of their players who struck a decent shot to equalise. That is how the first half finished.

We knew that if we continued to play together and put in the effort, we could get the 3 points from this game.

The second half started and we pushed from the very first minute. In the 3rd minute, they caught us on counter attack, with a pass through the middle and manage to score to take the game to 2-1. This goal didn’t affect us.

We were playing like the better team and we wanted to prove it. The midfielders continued to play to their limits, helping defensively and supporting on the attacks.

Being very solid at the back allowed us to move further up the pitch and push into their half. In the 7th minute, Gastone got the ball on the wing, cut inside beating 1 of their players and with a fantastic shot outside the box sent the ball into the net giving absolutely no chance to the keeper and equalising the result: 2-2.

We continued to press high and as a result we were winning the ball quickly giving the opposition no space to play. We were very quick on the wings and the opposition were struggling with our attacks and were clearing the ball away at every opportunity.

In the 11th minute, one of their long cleared balls went to Deniz, who then dribbled into space and sent a very powerful long distance shot, which the keeper managed to parry. Ryan was there for the rebound and very confidently struck the ball into the net to give us the lead at 3-2.

We continued to push for more. Our high press were very well organised which lead to repeatedly winning the ball back high up the pitch. We were dominating the game.

We had very good individual performances up front, and our defenders were prepared and stable. We managed to create a lot of chances looking for the fourth goal. The cross bar was there to save them on multiple occasions. Our attacks were becoming more and more dangerous. In the 22nd minute, we missed a penalty but we knew the goal was coming. We continue to push and create chances. In the very rare occasions when we were attacked, our defenders were solid at the back clearing anything that was coming to them. In the 30th minute, we got another penalty, the keeper saved it, to which Ryan again reacted in the follow up, to calm and confidently send the ball into the back of the net to complete his hat trick and finish the game 4-2.

Excellent performance and well deserved result!