This week saw the Foxes take on a competent Ruislip Rangers team whom had beaten the Silvers 5-2 earlier in the season, it also saw the squad restored to full strength.

10:30am at Shepherds Bush Cricket Club and the pitch was as smooth and soft as a newly laid carpet glistening in preparation for the Silvers next difficult challenge.

With names taken and cards checked the contest began with the Foxes lining up in a 2:3:1 formation that saw Remi start in goal, Jonah and Flynn in defence, Ossian on the right of midfield, Cameron in the centre and Charles on the left leaving Milo up front.

The Foxes playing from right to left got the game under way. From the first whistle the Foxes philosophy and game plan of pass and move was evident. Moving the ball around beautifully the Foxes took control of the game early on when Cameron moved the ball to Ossian on the right hand side whom then proceeded to beat two Ruislip players on the wing before entering the box and passing to Milo whom then squared it one more time to an unmarked Cameron to tap in, what a well worked goal to give the Foxes the lead.

A goal up and all was going well, the ball was being moved around beautifully and Ruislip were having to work hard, however, a quick through ball called Remi into action and he got down low to smother the ball but unfortunately it slipped under him, the Ranger striker went to ground and the ref gave a penalty, 1-1.

The Foxes restarted the game and again moved the ball around very, very well.  Charles who was having a fantastic game won a free kick on the left hand side, he lined it up and bang, he unleashed a vicious strike that rattled the cross bar.

Moving into the second quarter Cash replaced Milo up front, Gyan swapped with Ossian on the right and Max to the left for Cameron, meaning Charles moved into the centre.  Again the Foxes were moving the ball around lovely but another through ball put us in trouble, the Rangers forward latched onto it and squeezed the ball passed Remi to make the score, 2-1 Ruislip.

The half time whistle went and the Foxes talked about continuing to do what we were doing because win or lose, we stick to our philosophy. We also knew that this game was defiantly not beyond us.

In the second half the Foxes lined up with Cash in goal, Charles and Jonah in defence, Ossian on the right, Ajani on the left and Cameron in the centre leaving Remi up front.

The second half was again beautiful to watch.  Moving the ball around the Foxes were looking very dominant and progressing into the right spaces, Jonah in the second half found his passing game and chances were now being created from all areas of the pitch, yet still no goal.

We entered the fourth quarter and a few more changes saw Milo replace Remi, Gyan replace Ossian and Max switch with Jonah.

The Rangers were now gaining more possession and offering more of a threat, a few corners got whipped in by them but all were smothered by inspired Cash.

The change of mentality by the Rangers aided the Foxes, countering quickly, the ball got rolled out to Gyan on the right hand side whom beat two players with much ease and then sent a delicious ball into the box for it to be scrambled in for 2-2.

With not long left the Foxes went for the win, pushing hard the Rangers were in trouble until a loose pass in the centre of midfield was latched upon by a Ranger player whom then proceeded to knock a long ball in for their striker, their striker unmarked slots home to seal the win with a score line of 3-2 to the Rangers.

The performance the Foxes gave was top quality, pressing well and being smart on the ball allowed us to control the game for large periods and on another day would have seen us claim a victory. Defeats are often necessary for champions to asses where they are and what they need to do to be where they want, these last two games have highlighted the areas where we need to improve and also what we are doing well. With our continued focus in training and games, the Foxes Silvers will be a force to be reckoned with.

A huge well done to each and every player whom again gave their all and did so in a manner that was deserving of a victory.

A big thank you to our Captain for the game Milo.

A huge thanks to our Man of the Match Charles whom showed maturity, poise and flair to be a constant thorn in the Rangers side.

Finally, a huge thank you for the magnificent support of the parents, guardians and other family members who were in attendance, again your positivity spread onto the pitch and lifted the players, helping them to fight till the end, give their all and to be comfortable enough to play in the calm manner in which they did,  thank you.

May you all have a wonderful Easter.