Today was the second U10 Foxes derby of the season and the Silver Foxes made it two for two with an emphatic 6-1 win.
Before I talk about the match and pour praise on the boys, I must first talk about our training session this week. To put it simply it was not our best, there was arguing amongst players, messing around and not following simple instructions which ultimately wasted valuable training time. We only have 2 hours a week to train and wasting time is not acceptable. We had a player from the development squad trial for the team and his behaviour put the team to shame. We did not set a good example for a potential new player who expects playing with the teams to be the highest level, not only in terms of the quality of the football but also in how we behave and our work ethic.
This extends to my pre and post match team talks, if you watch any other teams, especially the teams we will play against in group A, they do not mess around, they are focused from the moment they arrive at training and matches to the moment they leave. We need to be taking example from these teams in order to match them.
Please let all of the players read this report and at training next week I expect all of the team to be giving me 100% effort and attention. If this happens we will win more games like we did against the Oranges.
Now, as for the match, that’s a different story. Although our pre match team talk and warm up were not the best, the performance the boys put in during the game was amazing.
The game started off a little slowly for the Silver Foxes, we passed well but the Oranges had a lot of possession and looked the more comfortable for the first 10 minutes. They created chances and Christoph made a couple of good saves from decent efforts, the main challenge being to keep hold of the ball under the icey conditions, one slipped under him but Christoph reacted quickly to prevent the goal.
The turning point in the game came against the run of play, we were under pressure from the Oranges and the ball broke for us to counter attack. We moved the ball towards goal where Gonzalo found himself 1 on 1 with the last defender, after producing a brilliant skill (which I was informed is called a ‘cookie’) to leave the defender behind, he hit a rocket into the far bottom corner to give us the lead.
This sparked the Silvers into life and we began to play how we all know we can. We started to look much more confident on the ball and the boys looked like they wanted the ball more than the Oranges. This hunger led to our second goal where Harrison won a 50/50 challenge close to the oppositions goal and hit a quick shot into the bottom corner.
Shortly after Max made it 3-0 giving us a comfortable lead into the second half. At half time Christoph and Harrison switched positions and it wasn’t long before Harrison was put into action. The Oranges continued to put pressure on and we defended brilliantly to prevent a goal. The real test for Harrison came when Sacha for the Oranges was brought down for a penalty. At what could have been another turning point in favour of the Oranges this time, Harrison kept his nerve and although it wasn’t the best penalty, he did well to keep a hold of his nerve and make the save. I feel this moment secured the win for us as the momentum was in our favour.
Our 4th of the game was partly good thinking from Gray and partly luck. Not being able to take the corner short, and having a lack of options in the box at that particular time Gray hit a powerful ball across the face of goal which deflected off off a defender and in.
At this point in the game, every attack we had looked like it would result in a goal, we did well to absorb pressure and then counter attack when we got the ball back and it was from a counter attack that our next two goals came. The first goal came after we won the ball in midfield and played it out wide to James who beat his defender and surged down the left wing. He then squared the ball to Jonah who’s shot was saved by Levi but only fell back to James who headed the rebound in.
Our last goal of the game was very similar, the counter attack starting from our own half with James down the left wing. Again he made a swift run which brought out the last defender and opened up plenty of space for Max. James played a square pass almost identical to his previous one but this time the goalkeeper could not prevent Max’s finish.
The way in which we won today’s match could be a very useful tool against some of the tough teams we will come up against. Yes we will have some possession of our own but if we can absorb the pressure and defend well, then counter attack as ruthlessly as today I feel we can get plenty of chances to score and win games.
I hope to see everyone at next weeks training and match.