Foxes FC conduct coaching Masterclasses every month that are aimed at developing specific aspects of the game.


With specialist goalkeeping coaches, the Goalkeeping Masterclass gives players the opportunity to further develop their technique and confidence between the posts.

Coaches will be working specifically on reaction speed, hand eye coordination, agility, handling crosses and  dealing with long and short range shots.

Whether your child has experience in goal or they just want to give it a try for the first time, this Masterclass is great fun for everyone.


Defending can often be described as a fine art. The Defending Masterclass is here to help build that masterpiece.

Coaches’ work on specific elements of play such as 1v1 defending, recovery runs, tackling techniques and defending as a team.

The Defending Masterclass is great for all players no matter what position they play.


The Attacking Masterclass will help improve players crossing and finishing by developing ideal shooting techniques. The Attacking Masterclass also works on team aspects such as creating space and playing counter attack football.

So if your child loves scoring goals, the Attacking Masterclass will see the ball hit the back of the net a countless number of times


The Skills & Tricks Masterclass is one of the most popular Masterclasses.

Whilst we encourage our players to work as a team, we also like to encourage players to express themselves on the ball and play without fear.

Our skilled coaches will take the time to introduce and develop some silky skills and tricks that could take you past any defender.

The Masterclasses take place on Saturdays at Hyde Park and are FREE for all Foxes FC teams.
For a list of current Masterclasses available Click Here or call us on 0207 376 0006