Ronaldo Moreira, better known by his nickname Ronaldinho, was born in 1980 in Brazil. He began to attract the media’s attention at just 13 years old after his team won a match against a local team by 23 goals to nil… Ronaldinho scoring all 23 match goals! (Where was the opposition?)

He began his club career in 2001 after being signed by Paris Saint-Germain FC and has since played for Barcelona FC and AC Milan. His remarkable skills saw him win the FIFA world player of the year title in 2004 and 2005.

Check out this 2005 Nike commercial for a glimpse of his talent, can it possibly be real? The player himself claims so… we’ll leave you to decide!

The Skill

Step 1
Standing face-to-face with your opponent, flick the ball up to one side.

Step 2
While the ball is in the air, catch it with the inside of your leg and take it in the opposite direction whilst moving past the opponent.

This skill is very difficult, although explained in two simple steps it takes tons of practice to implement.