Born in 1973, Cuauhtémoc Blanco is a Mexican footballer and is considered by many to be the greatest Mexican footballer of all time. Blanco is the only Mexican football player to win an award within a FIFA tournament. He was awarded the silver ball and silver shoes as the most outstanding player of the tournament in the 1999 FIFA Confederations Cup .

He began his career with Club América and has since played for Chicago Fire and Santos Laguna. Blanco has also represented Mexico three times in the World Cup, his signature move the ‘Bunny Hop’ or ‘Blanco Trick’ was even introduced as a special skill in the FIFA video games.

The Skill

Step 1
When being pursued by two or more defenders place the ball in between your legs.

Step 2
Use your feet to secure the ball between your legs.

Step 3
Jump whilst keeping the ball firmly between your legs and on landing accelerate into space.

This skill involves speed & good judgement, it can be very effective given the right opportunity.