My name is Kiran and I am currently Duty Manager for Foxes FC.

Now you may be wondering what exactly does a Duty Manager do at a Youth Football Club?

I started my role at Foxes FC back in November 2014. After a late night of searching online I stumbled across a job advert that seemed like the perfect role for me!
I have previous experience coaching young people in a number of sports and I have the educational background after completing my studies at college and University in Sport & Exercise. I also have various other qualifications, such as an FA coaching badge. As you can see sport is a real passion of mine.

My role is varied and involves ensuring that the operational side of specific venues and events go as smoothly as possible. This includes monitoring aspects such as health and safety, ensuring FA regulations are being adhered to, registers are conducted and coaches are provided with everything they need.

I think that this is a great opportunity for me to show you what it really means to be a part of Foxes FC. This as well as help you understand what we are doing as a club that makes our players and coaches successful.

Saturday 14th February 2015

My alarm goes off at 6.30am. I find it really important to wake up early when working on the weekends to make sure that I am mentally prepared for what the rest of the day might throw at me!

Breakfast consists of a white coffee with 2 sweeteners and a few Nairn’s Oatcakes – I find these really do help to give me a boost in the morning even though I don’t have a massive appetite for breakfast.

I made my way to the Foxes FC head office to meet James, the Club Manager, for 8.30am, to pick up kits for our new starters in one of our many Development Squads. We then headed to Ravenscourt Park where our Chiswick Development Squad train. I met our coaches Max and Steven and proceeded to set up the pitches and main registration area.

My morning consisted of greeting parents and players, signing them in and issuing out new training kits. I wasn’t expecting as many players for training as it was half term, but I was pleasantly surprised when the majority of players attended! I thought this was great and really shows how much dedication our players and parents have when it comes to their development.

I then assisted Max with his session, which was based centrally around shooting, specifically aiming at targets. This was great fun and I really enjoyed working with the U7’s as they showed a tremendous amount of enthusiasm! After the session we packed all of the equipment down and headed our separate ways.

Sunday was a relaxed day for me as I wasn’t working. Normally I would be in charge of managing the home game venues, at either Burlington Danes Academy or Shepherds Bush Cricket Club. This entails greeting a parents, players and opposition. Health and safety is very important and I will always ensure that all the goals are posted down properly and that first aid equipment is fully stocked and on show. Other important duties include setting up ‘respect’ barriers for parents and spectators, ensuring the referee’s are on time and paid as well as making sure the club house facilities are open and in good condition.

Anyway, after having the day to myself in which I went to the gym and caught up on my favourite TV shows I checked my emails and organised my stuff ready for that dreaded Monday morning, which really is not so dreaded!