Saturday begins at half 5 when I’m up and packed, ready for a full day of coaching. Luckily this Saturday I’ve managed to think ahead and there are bacon and eggs in the fridge for breakfast, followed by a good cup of coffee whilst watching ten minutes of a random episode of desperate housewives on channel 4!

Out the house by 7 at the latest and thankfully the sun rising for the journey to Burlington Danes. The train to Brixton is delayed today so a quick go at the Friday Evening Standard crossword I’ve found… Nope definitely not awake enough to tackle that.

I get to White City at around 8 o’clock and meet Gareth (U12s coach) outside the station and grab a costa while having a chat about our weeks coaching and what we’ve got planned after training today.

We get to the training ground first and get inside one of the classrooms to find some warmth so that we can unpack and get ready for the day. All the coaches turn up shortly after in bunches and after a quick catch up we head out into the freezing cold air to set up the training pitches. Set up takes around an hour but we’ve made a sincere effort lately to get it done faster, so by ten past 9 we’ve got all the goals and pitches set up with everyone laying out their strength and conditioning sessions for 9:30.

Cracking on with the session is fairly easy this week and the kids are on top form, really putting in effort today, brilliant to see especially as we don’t have a game this week so the effort is appreciated! The highlight of the session was most definitely beating Coach Rob in a quick game of Rock Paper Scissors to decide who gets to make the coaches tea and coffee. Another great achievement.

Training finishes at 12 and all the coaches start the packing down process as quickly as possible to get home and watch the football, but for me it’s a rush to get over to Imperial Warf for a Little Foxes Club Birthday party!

I have to eat lunch on the go so I tuck into my sandwiches on the overground and play a bit of temple run on my ipad (I definitely bought it for work). I get to the venue at 2 and immediately get to work, setting up even more goals and mentally preparing for the next 4 hours. The party starts at 3 and I don’t stop working until 7, at which point I can check the Manchester City score with a quick call to my dad (who’s taken my season ticket since my move to London). The less said about that game the better (a 1-1 home draw with Hull City if you must know).

I’m finally back on the overground for a long journey back home! I step back into my house at half past 8. It’s been a long day and I’m shattered to say the least. After doing some washing I get to settle down in front of the television for a bit before going to bed.

With no game this Sunday you’d think I would be able to have a lie in and enjoy a day off but no such luck! Up at 6 o’clock today (this does count as a lie in I suppose!) to get on my way to the Shepherds Bush Cricket ground as I’m refereeing two U9s Foxes FC games. I get to the ground at around 10, grab a quick coffee and get out on to the pitch for the half ten kick off. A big win for the foxes in this game which leads to some choice abuse directed at me from the opposition parents, not a great example for their kids but it does make me thankful I work for a club with a RESPECT code of conduct. The second game is less promising for The Foxes team but some good play and a better second half showed some good work had been done. After the games finished we start packing down the goals (half my life is spent putting them and up and packing them down! A modern day Sisyphus you might say!)

My evening is spent getting all my coaching gear ready for my Monday sessions and finally as I sit down and switch on Band of Brothers after dispatching one of my flat mates on FIFA, I get my ice machine strapped to my knee (a long term football injury), set some pillows up to get some elevation on it and crack open a drink the loser flatmate hands me, and finally after a non stop 48 hours, relax.

Couldn’t have picked a busier weekend to document but that in a nutshell is the life of a Foxes FC coach!