Becoming a Foxes FC coach was the start of an incredible learning curve and proved to be the catalyst for my career.

It all started with a very simple coaching trial at Hyde Park. James (Head of Foxes FC) offered me a Development Squad coaching role after I replied to an advert I had found online. I was working in a bar in central London, which wasn’t exactly fulfilling and I wanted to get back into football, the fact that this was a paid coaching role was even better!

I started in March 2014 and was working with a split Under 8 Development Squad. I was working alongside 3 incredible coaches in their own right and was able to pick their brains, steak out their sessions and work with a group of talented and well behaved children. This was such a great opportunity and was imperative in building my confidence as a coach. James and the senior coaches helped me develop my coaching style and by the start of the 2014/15 season I was offered the opportunity to take my own Under 7 team as a head coach.

Having never taken my own team before, I was lucky that Foxes FC had a team coaches that I was able to learn from. One of the things that impressed me the most was the long term development that these coaches worked on with their players. I quickly realised that many of the Foxes FC players would progress to professional academy teams.

In my first season as a head coach I quickly developed my coaching skills, I had to think on my feet and I feel that I really found my niche in coaching. With the advice of James and a few senior coaches, I decided that I would try to further my coaching education by completing the FA’s ‘Psychology in Football pathway’. This advice and encouragement would prove invaluable as no sooner had I started the course, I was offered the opportunity to work at an elite level with Millwall’s Centre of Excellence.

Most clubs would be annoyed at a coach leaving halfway through the season, Foxes FC wasn’t! Not only was I encouraged to take up the position at Millwall, but I was even asked if I could come back and help out whenever I could. Because of this I have kept in contact with Foxes FC, not just to help educate new coaches but also to continue learning from some of the senior coaches!

Soon after I started working with Millwall I took up a part time role at Chelsea FC, another incredible opportunity that I can definitely say I wouldn’t have got without the help and encouragement of both coaches and parents I met at Foxes FC.

I went from working in what I felt was a dead end job at a bar to an academy coach in just 17 months and I feel Foxes FC were pivotal as to why and how I progressed so far in just over a year. The opportunity to work with some of the best football coaches I have ever met is not something that comes along very often.