When it comes to analysing at what makes a footballer so good, a lot of time has gone into Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo here at Foxes FC. Hardly surprising as they have been voted the two best footballers in the world over the last few years.

As the summer approaches and we take a breather from competitive football, I thought why not take a closer look at a potential newcomer to the exclusive club of truly elite footballers.

Eden Hazard has won nearly every individual award the Premier League has to offer this season and has been tipped to one day win the award of ‘worlds best footballer’ otherwise known as the FIFA Ballon D’or.

A fantastic season for Hazard was capped with a Premier League trophy for his team. His manager Jose Mourinho has transformed him by making him a player who works hard for his team, not just in attack, but also defence.

So what has made Eden Hazard so good this season?

Only 24 years old and a mere 5ft8in tall, Hazard has a very low centre of gravity and is extremely strong on and off the ball. That hasn’t stopped him from being the most fouled footballer in the Premier League and Champions League this season however. That stat may be down to willingness to take on players and dribble past them. Hazard holds the record for most completed dribbles this season, with over 110 successful attempts. His ability to keep the ball so close to his feet whilst running in and out of defenders at  great pace is reminiscent of Messi.

Hazard’s confidence in his own ability is also reminiscent of Ronaldo and is something that his manager clearly encourages. Hazard has a high number of attempts at goal and has scored 14 premier league goals, with a number of these being match winners! Greedy he is not however, as he has also created the most amount of chances in the Premier League, a staggering 67 chances.

The stats go on…

Hazard Stats

What I like most is his willingness to take every game by the scruff of the neck and always give his best. He is not afraid to make a mistake and he always picks himself up and tries again!

He is always willing to learn and develop, as his time under Mourinho has showed.

This is a player I admire very much and I encourage all my Foxes FC players to learn from.

Here are some of his best bits. He seems to just never stop running: