This Saturday we will be looking to collect as much old Foxes FC match kit as possible.

You are likely to have noticed by now that we have the name ‘Grassroot Soccer’ emblazoned on the front of our shirts for the current season. We are in partnership with them and they are looking to make use of any old kit that you may have lying around.

Grass Root Soccer (GRS) is a charitable organisation that uses Football (Soccer) as a tool to educate thousands of young people about the threat of HIV. Not only do they look to raise awareness, but they also look to change behaviors and reach those that are at risk.

This is where we, as a club, can help. They are looking to donate kits across different parts of Africa for children involved in their program. As you can imagine, football kit is a rarity & even a pipe dream within third world populations. Such a small effort on our part can have a massive impact on the other side of the globe, inspiring young children to get involved in the GRS initiative & thus help save lives.

If you do have any old kit at home, please do bring it along to training on Saturday. Furthermore, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or queries.

For more information on Grass Root Soccer, please click the following link: